I don’t just take photos of people, I capture who they are.

As a young boy I was fascinated with cameras. The idea of being able to preserve, not only a memory or a mood, but a statement in a single frame was what animated me through my photography career. Based in Ballina, Co. Mayo, I’ve worked as a commercial photographer, a graphic designer, and a retoucher.

Having spent many years working in advertising and with digital media, I now specialise in portrait photography, where I believe a tailored approach is what the industry is hugely lacking in. Portraits are meant for those who are being portrayed; how other people see them is unimportant, what matters are the people within the borders of my frame, who deserve not only an enchanting experience, but a finished product that embodies an enduring sentimentality. No two experiences will be the same as the photo is built around the individual or group of people in question. Every session is planned methodically, every detail is carefully discussed – make-up, hair and wardrobe included.

I believe that in order to create an image that my clients are content with, I must connect with them on a personal level; coming to understand their passions, their emotions, that is perhaps the most rewarding part of my work, as it usually results in me forming lasting friendships. Each photo-shoot is a new adventure; every client is unique, though what remains constant is the magic born from each experience.

When taking a photo, no matter how seemingly simple, I never rely on chance. If the conditions around my client are not perfect, not to their tastes, I work to perfect them. All my photographs are developed in the post-production process, where, if necessary, they are carefully retouched.

I have been influenced by an array of styles, namely those of steampunk, gothic and the Victorian era. My style has been described as glamourous and contemporary, with some even comparing its polished feel to that of fashion magazines, though my wedding and event photo sessions are said to be reminiscent of photo-journalism. For me, the greatest joy stems from changing the way people see themselves. My photos strive to build confidence in people, and they do this with great economy, but also with great subtlety. Watching the positive change in people, the way they see themselves, the confidence they feel around their image upon coming my way, this is the reason I work as a photographer.

I’m blessed to do what I love doing most, which is preserving people’s happiest memories for years to come. Please feel free to come by my studio to tell me your story.

Rafal Wepa
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